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Oracle GoldenGate 12c Installation And Configuration -1


I will start to tell Oracle Goldengate product with this post. First post will be installation and configuration of Oracle Goldengate.



Goldengate is a middleware product of Oracle which has a high-performance for real-time data transfer. Goldengate is most popular replication software especially for real-time data replication. Because goldengate is the most successful product in the CDC (change data capture) subject.

Goldengate may be used in disaster recovery solutions also. But Oracle already offers a disaster recovery solution with Dataguard. Goldengate is hybrid structure replication software, so it can replicate not only Oracle-to-Oracle replication, but also cross-platform or database.

It is also possible to install a real-time data warehouse system with Goldengate. you can use following Types of replication with GoldenGate.



Download Oracle GoldenGate from oracle downloads or with following link.


Unzip file and connect to VNC server, open a terminal and run runinstaller from unzipped directory.

cd fbo_ggs_Linux_x64_shiphome/Disk1/



Click Next button, and You just need to select database version in the next step. and Click install button.

You should install Goldengate both source ( extraction )  and target ( replication ). So what i have done  in source should do target site also.

Actually goldengate installation is very simple, there was not already GUI prior Goldengate 12c. We had just extracted installation file and started to use with typing ggsci command.


I will continue to tell in the next post you can read with following link.


Oracle GoldenGate 12c Installation And Configuration -2





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