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Exadata Database Machine X8-2 Released


Exadata X8-2 that we’ve been waiting a long time is released eventually.


When I examine Exadata X8-2 key features and key benefits, I have found many key features like following.

We will tell about its feauture in detail in the future.



• Exadata X8-2 is Up to 912 CPU cores and 28.5TB memory per rack for database processing
• Exadata X8-2 is Up to 576 CPU cores per rack dedicated to SQL processing in storage
• From 2 to 19 Database Servers per rack
• From 3 to 18 Storage Servers per rack
• Exadata X8-2 is Up to 920 TB of Flash capacity (raw) per rack
• Exadata X8-2 is Up to 3.0 PB of disk capacity (raw) per rack
• Hybrid Columnar Compression often delivers 10X-15X compression ratios in Exadata X8-2.
• Exadata X8-2 has 40 Gb/second (QDR) InfiniBand Network
• Complete redundancy for high availability



• Exadata X8-2 is Pre-configured, pre-tested system optimized for all database applications
• Exadata X8-2 is Uncompressed I/O bandwidth of up to 350 GB/second per full rack from SQL
• Exadata X8-2 is Ability to perform up to 4.8M 8K database read I/O operations, or 4.3M 8K Flash write I/O operations per second per full rack
• Exadata X8-2 is Easily add compute or storage servers to meet the needs of any size application
• Exadata X8-2 is Scale by connecting multiple Exadata Database Machine X8-2 racks or Exadata Storage Expansion Racks. Up to 18 racks can be connected by simply adding InfiniBand cables and internal switches. Larger configurations can be built with external InfiniBand switches


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